True Technical Support. All Day Every Day.

FHS gives you much more than just a help desk. You get a team of experienced techs based in dual “follow the sun” Ops Centers in the US and Europe to resolve any ticket or tackle any project, any time. We’ve invested our experience, expertise and innovation into creating a hyper efficient tech ecosystem that increases your end user productivity by maximizing technology performance.

Game Changing Capabilities

FHS delivers services globally to Fortune 50 organizations, Enterprise companies and more. We bring true top-down expertise, support and economies of scale to any customer, any size anywhere – an incredible advantage over most other IT providers.

Customer Service + Amazing Expertise

There’s more to fantastic support than answering tickets. FHS starts with experienced, agile and personable support techs under the oversight of expert senior leadership. What we deliver is an end-to-end support & service experience that is simply a level above the rest. Our people, processes and platform are world class to provide uncompromised support 24×7 so you manage your business.

FHS Tech Ops Team. More Than Just Help Desk Techs.

The FHS Tech Ops team consists of a collective of technology professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise. Our team provides support using a holistic, collaborative approach to delivering you professional service and support for any need including infrastructure, application and security items of all priority levels. FHS is constantly searching for talented individuals who meet our lofty of requirements for technical capabilities, problem solving capabilities, engaging personalities and positive attitudes. When a ticket comes in, our techs understand the urgency, how to manage the process and resolve tickets quickly.

FHS Qualification Process

Every member of the FHS Tech Ops team we hire goes through a rigorous qualification process. First, the FHS CEO and CTO interview the prospect to vet personality and technical capabilities. Next, our Director of Technical Services conducts an operations interview to understand how a tech interacts with our TechOps team as well as in front of clients. The candidate is then interviewed by the FHS Senior Engineer overseeing candidate’s area of expertise for a comprehensive review of capabilities and tactics. If a candidate has what it takes to pass the initial trials, the final hurdle is a grueling technical interview with the FHS Global Technical Engineer to dig deep into technical problem solving. No employee of FHS has ever been convicted of a felony. FHS performs background checks on all hires in conjunction with ADP.