Managed Cloud

The cloud is the future of IT – and businesses are moving towards that future at an amazing rate. As cloud infrastructures and data delivery systems continue to evolve, so do the capabilities of the critical applications that businesses rely on for growth. FHS is far beyond the standard commodity cloud providers. Our global cloud team built a fully managed cloud solution in our own high performance, highly available and highly secure infrastructure to offer customized solutions that make sense for your business. We make it simple to grow your business into a future-ready organization.

What is Managed Cloud?

The cloud is more than just moving from traditional on-site servers to an environment in a remote data center. The possibilities and benefits of the cloud are growing as fast as data centers can come online. The FHS team of experts using global best practices and decades of experience in building data centers offers a turnkey cloud solution. Managed Cloud means we optimize, maintain and support your cloud environment just as we would for your on premises environment. You’re free to concentrate on growing your business and we’ll take care of your technology.

Is the Cloud Right For You?

FHS is committed to providing your business with a path to growth. We’ll never try to sell you a solution that is not right for you. The FHS cloud team will take a holistic view of your business, infrastructure, applications and needs to determine if your business is ready for a cloud solution. Eventually, your business will rely on the cloud in some way, so we’ll design a path to success that will make the transition seamless.

Benefits of The Cloud

  • Overall cost savings
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Consistently leverage the latest technology, data availability, and security
  • Ideal for a mobile workforce
  • Increase the speed and responsiveness of your business

FHS Cloud Platforms. A Global Network for Local Business.

What separates FHS from other cloud service providers? We do more than just provide a “standard issue” commodity cloud service. FHS offers customized solutions using several platforms that have been vetted for performance, security, support, availability and flexibility by our Chief Cloud Architect and the FHS cloud team. It starts with our own FHS Molnii Cloud and expands to over 165 secure data centers around the world enabling us to create the ideal solution for any organization.

FHS Molnii Cloud. Flexibility for the Future Ready Business.

The FHS cloud team has tested many of the most popular cloud providers and data centers in the US and globally. What did we discover? Their platforms were good at meeting a lot of the needs for many of our customers yet look to fit a square peg into a round hole for everything else. So our Chief Cloud Architect, senior infrastructure engineering team and application experts collaborated to create FHS Molnii.

FHS Molnii provides a fully managed, highly customizable cloud solution that delivers the power, performance and security your business demands. The FHS cloud team built Molnii with the latest in server and storage solutions, innovative security solutions and next gen architecture building on global data center best practices. Our cloud infrastructure lives in 5 redundant Tier III data centers with “hot site” configuration and geographic diversity to make sure your data is always available. And with a direct connection to the FHS 24×7 Ops Center, FHS Molnii Cloud integrates seamlessly with our Managed IT Services for a tailored, completely optimized solution end-to-end.


Cloud Services

Hosted Applications

Hosted Desktop

Infrastructure as a Service

File Sync & Share

Microsoft 365

Takes resource hogging applications and puts them in a powerful, secure, optimized infrastructureA secure, hosted Windows desktop with your applications on any device. Be productive anywhere.Data storage, compute, backup and secure network in an off prem environmentA simple way to store, access and share files. A flexible, cost effective way to increase productivityScalable email, office and Microsoft suite options that are scalable and available

Hosted Applications

Businesses depend on how well mission critical applications perform. But today’s applications require high performance, complex infrastructures to run properly. For short or long term projects, the FHS cloud team can spin up servers and storage to your spec enabling you to get maximum performance from your applications. FHS gives you the fully managed platforms and applications expertise so you can stop throwing dollars at chasing infrastructure requirements.

Lighten The Load

Applications hog IT resources effectively slowing down your entire business. By moving heavy applications to a hosted cloud infrastructure, you can lift the burden of technology resources and management from your place to ours. This extends the life of hardware and endpoints to get the most out of your current CAPEX investments by switching to a more cost effective OPEX model.

Infrastructure as a Service

iaasStaying ahead of rapidly evolving technology performance requirements of business is a daunting – and costly – challenge. The applications you rely on demand more performance with each update. Data size grows incredibly fast. Data protection and backup is constantly evolving. FHS takes the burden of the optimal infrastructure off of your shoulders and enables you to leverage technology for business growth.

The FHS cloud infrastructure uses the latest in high performance server and storage technology to exceed the performance requirements of any application and is easily scalable to meet your demand. We employ innovative security strategies that protect your data at rest in our cloud and in transit from our data center to your end users. Unique data connectivity features even improve quality of service while providing military grade levels of security.

The FHS cloud and infrastructure teams constantly research new technologies for our cloud. From servers and storage to security products, networking and hyperconverged technology, our engineers essentially “melt down” each item for performance, support and functionality. It’s part of our consistent technology refresh strategy. We make the investment, you benefit by staying at the front of the technology curve.

Hosted Desktop

Unleash productivity with a high performance Windows Desktop on any device, anywhere. FHS Hosted Desktop delivers a full range of business line applications on a common desktop that lives in the FHS cloud. FHS Hosted Desktop was designed for incredible performance, availability and security by our cloud experts to provide a turnkey office solution.

Is a hosted desktop solution right for your business? FHS will assess your network, business applications and requirements to discover if Hosted Desktop is a fit for you. We won’t try to sell you a solution that doesn’t perform to expectations.

Complete With Expertise

FHS Hosted Desktop includes 24×7 support from our Ops Center, FHS Secure Suite and available Device Management services. But even the best platform is less than ideal for some business uses. That’s why you get cloud and application experts who know which applications do well in the cloud, and which business cases need a different solution.

Any Device. Any OS. Anywhere.

Microsoft Office Suite

50GB Data Storage & Backup Per User

Scalable & Easy to Deploy

Pay As You Go Per User

Hundreds of Applications – Easy to Publish

Optimized Printing & High Definition Display

High Performance, Security & Uptime

24×7 Ops Center Support with Unlimited Help Desk

Symantec Advanced Anti-Virus

File Sync & Share

ITSA File Sync & Share is a simple way for users to sync, share and work on large files all within a secure, available cloud platform. Designed to work with any OS on any device anywhere, ITSA FSS is a customizable, scalable solution for every business.

You’re in total control from a single pane of glass

  • Unlimited user and file scalability
  • Set limits & access
  • Manage file sharing
  • Manage security controls
  • File and folder locking to prevent unwanted changes
  • Custom deleted file retention periods
  • Granular usage reports by files and users

Incredible Security

  • 256-bit AES encryption at rest and in transit
  • Persistent and transient encryption key modes
  • Remote wipes of endpoints

File Storage & Backup

  • Restore deleted or changed files from any point in time
  • Continuous real time backup
  • New and changed file backups
  • Files backed up in dual Molnii data centers for added redundancy
  • Storage on prem or in the ITSA cloud

FHS Data Center & Colocation Services

Does the equipment in your server room have to be there? What happens when there is crisis – power outage, internet fails, air conditioning stops working – anything that affects the performance of your technology equipment? That’s where the off premises data center becomes a good option.

Data centers invest in infrastructure services including bandwidth delivered by multiple carriers, redundant temperature controls, security features and multiple power sources to ensure the uptime of your equipment. This improves the performance and longevity of your technology investment and frees your IT staff to work on business improvement projects instead of infrastructure break/fix tasks.

Private Cages & Cabinets

The FHS engineering team will review your architecture requirements and provide the ideal secure environment for your equipment. We’ll right size the rack, connectivity, power trays and more.

Circuit Testing

FHS can assist you with end to end testing of multiple carrier and circuit options based on your requirements. We can make recommendations to ensure compliance and basic guidelines are met.

Remote Management

The FHS TechOps team can provide 24×7 management, maintenance and security of your infrastructure with a full range of services tailored to your requirements.

FHS Data Center Partners

FHS partners with leading data center networks across the globe for the highest level of services, support and security for any business requirement. By going the extra mile to find the ideal platforms, we’ve done the work for you to deliver secure, available, compliant data centers that offer unmatched flexibility and scalability. You get the peace of mind working with a team of professionals that is more than just a provider – we host our own cloud within our data center partner facilities.

Equinix Global Data Centers – International Business Exchange (IBX)

FHS provides global data center experience and expertise to clients of all sizes and locations. To deliver the highest availability and scalability while navigating the complexities of local compliance regulations, FHS partners with the Equinix IBX global data center network. The Equinix IBX global footprint covers 40 major business markets on five continents with 145 state of the art data centers – over 14 million square feet of data center space. Equinix data centers include:

► Over 1150 independent carrier networks worldwide
► Full UPS systems, backup systems and N+1 or greater redundancy
► Advanced fire detection and suppression
► Temperature-controlled environment including state of the art cooling and humidity controls
► Array of 24×7 security equipment, techniques and procedures as granular as individual cages

Equinix Data Centers 

Americas Data Centers:

Our data centers in North and South America feature:

► Nearly 3.8 million square feet (353,000 square meters) of colocation space
► 5,200+ companies and 1,180+ networks connected on-site
► Proximity to serve the top business markets in Brazil, Canada and the United States
► Carrier-dense hubs and top Internet exchange points
► World-class reliability, physical security and operational excellence: N+1 redundancy and >99.9999% uptime

eqx americas
eqx emea

Europe and Middle East:

Our data centers in Europe and the Middle East feature:

► A total of 130,000 square meters (1.4 million square feet) of colocation space in Europe and the Middle East
► 1,900+ companies and 390+ networks connected on-site
► Access to Europe’s leading financial, commercial, manufacturing and telecommunications marketplaces
► Corporate participant in the EU Code Of Conduct
► Carrier-dense hubs and top Internet exchange points
► World-class reliability and operational excellence: N+1 redundancy and >99.9999% uptime
► State of the art colocation facilities that are certified compliant with ISO 9001: 2008 standards for quality management systems and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standards for information security management systems


Our data centers in Asia and Australia feature:

► A total of 108,000+ square meters (1,160,000+ square feet) of colocation space in Australia and Asia
► 1,400+ companies and 350+ data networks connected on-site
► Access to Asia’s thriving banking, commerce, manufacturing and telecommunications marketplaces
► Carrier-dense hubs and top Internet exchange points
► World-class reliability and operational excellence: N+1 redundancy and >99.9999% uptime
► State of the art colocation facilities that are certified compliant withSSAE16 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards for information security management systems

eqx apac


TierPoint Data Centers

TierPoint data centers are designed to provide the highest levels of security, redundancy and connectivity. Enterprise-class and carrier-neutral, TierPoint facilities feature unparalleled fiber connectivity and a physical infrastructure that delivers performance and protection. Data center components include:

► Multiple independent carriers
► Redundant, distributed and diverse UPS systems
► Multiple on-site diesel generators
► Advanced fire detection and suppression
► Temperature-controlled environment including state of the art cooling and humidity controls
► Physical security 24×7 including closed circuit surveillance, electronic key entry, biometric scan and more