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Security By The Numbers

Whether you managed all of your data on premises, leverage the cloud or use a combination of both, cyber threats are ever present – and it’s a challenge to stay ahead of the next incident. Data thieves cast wide, effective nets to capture data from any company, anywhere in the world. FHS Security Solutions were designed to provide your business with cost effective, innovative, Enterprise level security strategies to mitigate the risk of attack.

It Can’t Happen to Your Business…Right?

Most businesses that are attacked usually aren’t a specific target, it just offers a path of least resistance. The numbers don’t lie. The sheer volume of data hacks and breaches is staggering. If a simple anti-virus or anti-malware product alone was all business needs to protect data, 80% of US companies wouldn’t have been successfully hacked. Many products are effective at some level, but are mostly effective for peace of mind. Hackers know this and once they get into your network they typically live there for nearly 10 months.


Of Us Companies Have Been Successfully Hacked


Of Attacks Go Undected & 30% Are Not Reported


# of Days Hackers Spend On A Network Undetected


Average Cost of a Breach for Small Businesses

Fight the Hackers with FHS Security Expertise

FHS security experts provide cyber security services for enterprise level companies with strict data security compliance guidelines. We’ve combined industry best practices and innovation to provide a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your business and compliance requirements.

A Complete approach to security

FHS deploys a holistic, multi layered approach to help you reduce the risk of a data breach and the cost when one occurs.

CISO Leadership

vCISO (Chief Information Security Officer) services to assess and plan your cyber security strategy

Powerful Tools

Mulitple security tools including NetMinder, our own Enterprise grade security platform

24x7 Support

24×7 US based FHS Secure Ops Center for monitoring, alerting and remediation

Complete Solution

Holistic approach incorporates Managed Security Services with the full range of FHS Managed IT Services and infrastructure expertise

FHS Managed Security Services

Managed Cyber Security Services:

► 24×7 US Based FHS Operations Center
► 24×7 Platform Administration
► Automated System Monitoring & Alerting
► Automated Log Monitoring & Alerting
► Automated Management & Maintenance of AntiVirus & Security Products
► Firewall Management
► Event Remediation by FHS Cyber Team
► Unified Threat Management

vCISO Consulting & Assessment Services

► High Level Risk Assessments
► Log Retention Policy Development
► Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Services
► Compliance Testing Services

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If over 80% of businesses are hacked, how strong is your security product?

Let’s have a real discussion about security.

Security Tools and Platforms

FHS NetMinder powered by Splunk

FHS secuity experts have combined industry best practices and constant innovation to develop a powerful security tool that can be tailored to any business use case – FHS NetMinder. NetMinder is the platform on which we build a layered approach to deliver the ideal level of security – and value – to any type of organization.

► Leverages the powerful splunk IT data engine, the leading platform for Operational Intelligence

► Platform resides in the highly secure Amazon Web Services global cloud with automatic failover across data centers worldwide. Maximum uptime with geographic diversity and reduced risk.

► Provides high visibility and granular insight

► Unique scoring system simplifies reports and statistics

► Monthly subscription service gives you a low barrier to maximum protection with no up front costs, no hardware to buy

fhs secure splunk

How can NetMinder help keep your business secure?

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Network Security

Welbeck Network Security

The Network has left the building. FHS can help you protect it. Business workforces have gone mobile, data centers are moving to the cloud and business applications demand more power. This means that networks initially designed to cater to users on a LAN are simply not equipped to handle today’s mobile workforce and offsite infrastructures. FHS is an exclusive provider of Welbeck Secure solutions to bring your remote devices to the LAN securely and with improved quality over commodity carrier connectivity.


► Invisibility – with end to end AES 256-bit encryption, dynamic IP and 12 layers of built in security features, your data is more than digital confetti…to hackers, your data doesn’t even exist

► Quality of Service – built in traffic shaping and sectioning cuts through the noise, dramatically improving performance across commodity internet

► Backup Strategy – Built in Wifi, 3G & 4G failover technology offer redundant backup solutions to keep you business operational during carrier service interruptions

► Multi Site Solution – Initially developed for secure connectivity in remote, hostile areas of the world, Welbeck is ideal for connecting multi location offices anywhere


How can you improve network performance and security while reducing your carrier costs?

FHS and the Welbeck team can show you the way.

FHS Security Suite


FHS relies on OpenDNS for protection at the network gateway level as part of our layered security stack. Now a part of Cisco, OpenDNS uses their comprehensive global network and unique predictive security solution to stop malicious activity before it threatens your network. FHS deploys OpenDNS for our clients as part of our Managed Services suite and stand alone for cloud and on-premises environments.



Deployed by over half of the Fortune 100 companies as part of a multi level Enterprise security solution, proofpoint delivers an amazing level of email gateway security. Proofpoint is an industry leader in protecting businesses of all sizes from attack. FHS deploys proofpoint as a broad email security tool to protect the gateway, block user clicks before they can lead to compromise and respond to threats quickly to mitigate any attack. An integral part to FHS Secure within our Managed Services suite.

Proofpoint transparent


Bitdefender is simply the #1 security product in the world and a Gartner visionary leader in business security. Leveraging the global Amazon Web Services secure cloud, Bitdefender delivers end to end multi level security protection from server through endpoints. FHS security experts tested Bitdefender against leading products and selected Bitdefender for speed, efficiency, quality of the network and, most importantly, results. We deploy Bitdefender as part of the FHS Secure multi tier solution within our Managed Services suite.

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