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Technology changes and evolves faster than most businesses can adapt. The technologies, services and applications your business is considering today may be obsolete by the time you implement them. Or you could pay a premium for services and technologies that are commodities. FHS puts the people, technologies and capabilities to work for you from planning and strategy through implementation and support for your technology initiatives. Other IT providers are great at selling products, but FHS is a true IT resource for your business. We’ll provide a holistic approach to your technology and help you leverage the right solutions for strategically growing your business.

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Outsourced IT

An Enterprise Level IT Team Working for Your Business

Your business depends on technology for strategic growth, but the effectiveness of your technology is only as strong as your IT team. Businesses often employ a reactive strategy to IT rather than a proactive growth strategy. That means concentrating on troubleshooting and fixing issues to keep your technology afloat, leaving little time to research new technologies and services to take your business where you need it to grow. FHS works with you and your IT staff giving you access to the resources your business needs for optimization and strategic growth.

The FHS Outsourced IT services process begins by our team sitting with all of your business stakeholders to understand the goals, expectations and challenges faced from within your organization. We can then employ a holistic approach to creating a service unique to your business that puts you in the optimum position to improve your processes today and concentrate on successful growth.

Outsourced IT Services

CIO Services

CIO guidance presents a clear path to success and works to ensure you stay on that path. That includes sharing in clear business language the importance and necessity of the technologies your company should leverage to reach – or exceed – your objectives. Leveraging decades of IT leadership and IT governance experience, our CIO level services can identify potential changes or challenges to your plans before they occur. This allows for agile, responsive shifts to keep your business moving forward.

engage icon blueEngineering Services

From FHS leadership to Ops Center techs, our team is passionate about solving technology challenges. We engage your business every step of the way to assess, design, implement and support every technology initiative to ensure the desired outcome. FHS begins with a technical review and assessment including business processes, applications and how your personnel use technology. We then take that information and make recommendations for greater efficiency and growth while reducing overall IT costs.

managed it blueManaged IT Services

On the back end of our Outsourced IT service, FHS will customize managed services using our innovative platforms and the 24×7 help desk support for optimization. This provides you with 24×7 oversight, security and optimization of your entire technology footprint eliminating downtime and improving business performance.

Technology Assessments

What is the status of your environment? Is your infrastructure configured properly? Are there performance bottlenecks slowing down your workflow? Are outages stopping business completely? These are just a few key questions that businesses find difficult to answer. Rather than guess at what is happening on your network, FHS provides comprehensive assessments that get granular.

• Status of updates, patches and operating systems of end points and network devices
• Status of password changes and other user security functions
• Identify and inventory all end points and network devices
• Age of end points and network devices
• Performance of network and wifi traffic
• Status of security products

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Hardware & Software

“Nobody ever got fired for buying this brand”. That philosophy limits your organization to the technologies recommended by salespeople. FHS takes a much different approach to uncovering, right sizing and recommending technology solutions for our clients. We help your business to navigate the quickly evolving world of technology and find the right balance between legacy and next gen technology to fit your needs – and budget. FHS also supports the technology we procure so you can deal directly with the team that understands your business.

The FHS Process

Most organizations lack the resources to properly look for new technologies for business growth. FHS engineers constantly research new technologies from legacy manufacturers, cutting edge vendors and identify trends in the industry. The technologies that meet our basic standards are thoroughly vetted for performance, support, reliability, range of use cases and manufacturer health. Technologies that make it past the “melting down” phase are unleashed in a data center environment and put through a proof of concept. If we determine we could use the technology in our own cloud, we can recommend it to you.

Transformational…not Transactional

Before FHS will recommend a technology, we’ll sit down with you and analyze your specific use case. We’ll look at your technical requirements and understand your objectives for lifecycle of the technology to be implemented. FHS engineers consult with the manufacturer to right size and verify the ideal solution for your needs. Our team will implement the technology and work with you until you are satisfied with the installation. The FHS mission is to transform your business growth with the right technology – not just sell you a box.


The FHS team engages with you and the stakeholders in your organization to talk about your business goals, technology challenges, how users work and take the pulse of the culture of the organization. We’ll then do a walk through of your main location to get a physical look at the technology footprint. Next, FHS tech deploy a very thin agent onto your network to take inventory and gather status data. The FHS engineers then review the findings, score the results and create a recommended plan to shore up your environment. Our team will present the findings to you along with a broad plan to help bring your organization in line with your plan for strategic growth.

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Project Management

Lean on our experience and expertise to complete projects accurately, on time, and within budget. From email migrations to complete new infrastructure projects, FHS engineers can guide you from start to finish.

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